Saturday, 22 March 2008

Swaps! and a Lick of Paint For Groups

We've just added some more functionality to the new Swap Page that shows you all gardeners in your area that have swaps available in a fabulous Google Map. We have also added a page that is a bit of a work in progress called Swap Spy - on this page you can take a look at some mad-scientist-style experiments we are working on with the Swap data.

Nath has done a bit of spring cleaning over on the groups page - you'll find them much nicer in layout now, and we've gardener-fied it all up with some profile info.

We've also added location to the gardener profile pages, so now we can get stuck into providing some interesting functionality at this level - stay tuned!

Changes goin' up

We are just in the middle of deploying some changes - this one might take a couple of minutes, but we should be back up soon...

..and we're back!

Friday, 14 March 2008

Updating the Site...

Shouldn't be too long.

01:22PM GMT: Looks like we are back up and running now. All good to go :)

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Planting Events now Sprouting in your Activity Feed!

Since we were working on the activity feed this week we thought we might as well include the first draft of Plant Events (you know, while we were at it)

Events are now linked in with your journal, so if you are journaling about a plant you will now find a new option called “Growing Event”. If you choose an event your journal will be marked (with a funky looking star) as a growing event in your friends activity streams.

Go check it out!

Updated Activity Feeds!

You may have noticed your personal homepage looking a little different when you just logged on.

Firstly we’ve brought latest activity to your personal homepage so that you can kept better track of latest happenings on the site. We’ve also kept the existing Activity pages so you can see the history if you wish.

We’ve also merged Friends Journals into your activity stream so now you can keep better track of what your gardening buddies are up to. This also coincides with another feature we have which I’ll leave for a separate post – which you may have seen appear in your activity stream :)

Anyway, hope you like the change and as always let us know what you think.

Site down for updates

Hey everyone!

Just a quick one to let you know that we’re going to take the site offline for a little while to roll out some new updates… which we’ll reveal after :)

I’m planning on doing this around 12:20pm GMT and it should take around 10mins – fingers crossed

Update @ 12:25pm - Almost there!

Update @ 12:27pm - Bouncing the server....

Update @ 12:28pm - And we are up again!