Friday, 29 February 2008

New Garden Location Maps

Every garden page now has a new location section which shows where your garden is on a google map – this hopefully should make it much easier to visualise where we all are across this planet – from Quezon City, Philippines to Groningen, Netherlands :)

This is only the very basic start to our google mapping features – you’ll be seeing some quite interesting maps popping up around the place fairly soon. Until then we’d love to hear your ideas – what maps would you particularly like to see?

Your blog screenshot is now on your profile page!

We’ve just released a nice little feature for all you bloggers out there – we’ve added a screenshot of your blog / website that will appear on your profile page.

For a great example of the screen grab goodness in action – take a look at YouGrowGirl’s profile.

Note: The screen grabber needs to go and “fetch” the screenshot if it hasn’t yet been requested, so for some you may see a little holding image that will display until the image is available – it takes about 5 seconds or so for the whole process, so refreshing the page a couple of times normally brings the screenshot through. Once it’s been fetched, it will be available for everyone to view from then on.

We’ve noticed that a couple of people have put in their flickr homepage into the website field if they haven’t got a blog – we think that’s a great idea (and it looks quite snazzy too!)

Sunday, 24 February 2008

Talking about the weather!

One of the cool things we released today is….

Weather! We’ve hooked you up with your local weather conditions so now you can see your current conditions and four day forecast right from the comfort of your own homepage!

We’ve also dropped this into your journals so it now automagically pre-fills the current conditions for you! If you’re retrospectively journaling you can still change it to whatever you wish but it’s handy if you’re journaling on-the-fly.

To get weather goodness goin’ on: Make sure that your location is set on your Profile page – on the very same page under the Settings tab you can select if you want to see all weather in C or F – it will automatically default to C if you haven’t yet set it.

Let us know what you think!

Update in progress!

We're just deploying a couple of changes to the site - some pages may be a bit broken for the next 5 mins or so...

Update: All done..and all without a hitch. Yay!

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Task / To-Do Lists Are Go!

After much work behind the scenes, last week we finally unleashed the first version of the gardening task / to-do lists – take a look under the Tasks tab on your homepage and you’ll find a link to start adding task reminders from there.

It’s pretty basic at the moment but we’ve already got a zillion ideas on how to make these lists really handy…we’d love to see what you guys think, so have a play around and go enter in some tasks!

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

New Planting Source Options & New Look Plant Lists

This week, we've just rolled out an improvement to planting sources - now you can document exactly where your planting came from. We've added some nice touches (that we'll let you all discover for yourselves) to this to make it much more fun and added some nice little icon magic as well.

While we were at it, we also have revamped the Seed Stash and Planting lists so they are much easier to read and added some long overdue sorting to the lists. Over on your garden pages we have also made your planting lists a whole lot prettier and included day counters - so you can now see at a glance how many days old your Zucchini is (makes planning birthdays so much easier)!

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Latest Activity Tweaks

We’ve just rolled out some tweaks to the latest activity pages.

We’ve integrated all activity relating to you into one tab (called Recent Activity) so now you can follow who has added comments to your plants, garden and journals, who as added you as a gardening buddy and who has favourited your stuff. Another tweak we’ve made is added a Comments I’ve Made tab. Now it’s easier to look up the comments you’ve made and following discussions in the comments. Also we’ve extended how far back you can go so you can go back and check on even the oldest of comments (in case you may have missed out on the discussion)

We’ve still got a few ideas up our sleeves for this page (like rss feeds and tidying up Group Activity and Friends Journals) but go have a look and tell us what you think!

Saturday, 2 February 2008

MyFolia now has Zones - come and see what's growing in your Zone!

MyFolia is now USDA hardiness zone aware - so you can now see the gardeners and gardens in each zone, and even see which plants are popular in each. We can now see that USDA Zone 10ers are big on growing Hibiscus whilst the Zone 5ers are into Coneflower and Daylily. Interesting stuff already, and it will be great to watch the trends develop and change as we have more gardeners adding their gardens into the MyFolia ecosystem.

Take a look for the coloured zones (ooo, aren't they pretty!) on either on the Plants home page, the People home page and the new Zones home page.

This is just the basic beginnings of showing gardeners by zone - we have used the USDA standard for now just due to it being the most widespread, but we will be adding ways to "translate" between other zone systems like Sunset and the Australian system in the near future. Lots of exciting zone stuff is still to come!