Friday, 29 February 2008

Your blog screenshot is now on your profile page!

We’ve just released a nice little feature for all you bloggers out there – we’ve added a screenshot of your blog / website that will appear on your profile page.

For a great example of the screen grab goodness in action – take a look at YouGrowGirl’s profile.

Note: The screen grabber needs to go and “fetch” the screenshot if it hasn’t yet been requested, so for some you may see a little holding image that will display until the image is available – it takes about 5 seconds or so for the whole process, so refreshing the page a couple of times normally brings the screenshot through. Once it’s been fetched, it will be available for everyone to view from then on.

We’ve noticed that a couple of people have put in their flickr homepage into the website field if they haven’t got a blog – we think that’s a great idea (and it looks quite snazzy too!)