Saturday, 2 February 2008

MyFolia now has Zones - come and see what's growing in your Zone!

MyFolia is now USDA hardiness zone aware - so you can now see the gardeners and gardens in each zone, and even see which plants are popular in each. We can now see that USDA Zone 10ers are big on growing Hibiscus whilst the Zone 5ers are into Coneflower and Daylily. Interesting stuff already, and it will be great to watch the trends develop and change as we have more gardeners adding their gardens into the MyFolia ecosystem.

Take a look for the coloured zones (ooo, aren't they pretty!) on either on the Plants home page, the People home page and the new Zones home page.

This is just the basic beginnings of showing gardeners by zone - we have used the USDA standard for now just due to it being the most widespread, but we will be adding ways to "translate" between other zone systems like Sunset and the Australian system in the near future. Lots of exciting zone stuff is still to come!