Tuesday, 30 September 2008

New Features: Planting Timelines, What's Planting Now? & Dashboard Redesign

We've got some huge changes to the site to announce this week - so much so that we needed to break it down in sub headers!

Planting Timelines
You can now mark your planting events on your very own gardening timeline, so you can see visually how long your plant took to sprout, harvest or bloom. The timeline is displayed on your newly redesigned Dashboard page.

What's Planting Now
Check out what's Sowing, Transplanting and Harvesting right now in your local area with your "What's Planting" box - this is calculated from all planting events from every gardener around you and should give you a good idea on things to plant and if your own plantings are on schedule.

Improved Dashboard Goodness
We've completely overhauled your gardener homepage to make it much easier to get up-and-running with, add new plants to your garden and change your profile and weather settings.

Going live with some huuuuge changes!

We're going to be rolling out some great changes to the site today - we've been working on this release for a while, and there are some really really great changes in this one. We'll be putting up the sudoku at 10:30 BST and expect about 30 minutes of downtime - we'll keep updating our twitter account (http://twitter.com/myfolia) as we go so you can play along at home :)

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Server Shenanigans This Morning

Our hosting provider has had some issues with our server this morning. They are currently in the process of moving us across to a new server. We'll keep you updated on our twitter as we go - but we shouldn't hopefully be too much longer.

All data is safe and accounted for.

UPDATE: we are now completely back up and running on a shiny new box - apparently the memory server was the issue and Slicehost had to move everyone from the effected servers. Many thanks to the Slicehost guys for keeping us updated and getting us back online so quickly :)

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

New Journal Layouts & Quick Add Events!

As part of our update this week we’ve released a couple of nice changes to your journals page:

Pick’n’Mix Journal Styles

We now have 3 journal styles to choose from: Blog (the original), Day and List style. So now you can set your journal view to fit best with the type of garden journaling you do – from our twitterers to our novelists :) You’ll find a couple of buttons to change your journal style on the right hand side of your main journal page (click the Journal tab on your home page to get to the right page)

We’ve also given you a little bit more flexibility on how you’d like your journal to appear to others. You can, for instance, now set your personal journal view to “list” for easy viewing and editing whilst setting the folian view to the blog one. So, go have a play around with all the options ‘til you’re happy :)

Quick Add Journal Events

Another new feature is our “quick add journal” box that will appear at the top of your journals page. This is great to use when you have a couple of quick event updates to add in - you’ll now be done in a jiffy (also click on the weather section to see some funky weather changing feature goodness – Nic’s quite proud of her effort on that one!)

Anyway – let us know what you think about the changes!

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Releasing new stuff - we'll be offline for 20 mins UPDATED

We're just in the process of releasing some brand new features to the site - this one is a bit of a biggie, so we'll be offline for approx. 20 mins. We'll update as we go on Twitter :)

Update: Back up-and-running with some new features - we'll announce all the new stuff very soon...alternatively you can as usual begin to guess what they are instead ;)