Saturday, 24 January 2009

Tagging for your Gardens

A brand new feature from last week’s release is…tagging for your gardens! This means you can now categorise your gardens as much or as little as you like.

You’ll find a new field on your Add Garden and Edit Garden pages called “Categories” in which you can enter your category names (separate by spaces). Popular tags will now appear on the Garden Home Page so you’ll be able to find other gardeners that have categorised their gardens in the same way as you.

You’ll notice that for the meantime you’ll still have to classify by the existing garden types as well – we’ll be phasing this one out slowly and will eventually turn this into a primary category tag for your garden (you won’t have to change anything, it will all happen automatically).


Sunday, 18 January 2009

Improvements to Variety & Plant pages - Sortable lists, new wiki fields and more

As part of the latest round of changes, we’ve done a lot of work restructuring the variety areas of the site to make it easier to locate plantings and swappables.

  1. You’ll now find every variety list per plant is now fully sortable – so you can sort by popularity, days to germinate, hybrid / heirloom and more. Check out the Tomato variety list for a great example.
  2. Open-Pollinated has been added to the wiki, so varieties can now be marked as any combination of Hybrid, Heirloom and OP.
  3. Planting lists are now sortable as well – by name, gardener, happiness, date planted and location (nearest to you!)
  4. Swappable lists have also had a bit of sortable goodness added – name, gardener, location are all now fully sortable. You’ll also find on the Stashed page that you can send a swap request if the gardener has marked as available for swap.
  5. We’ve also done a bit of restructuring work to get some nice friendly URLs in place – so now you’ll see links like this: instead of the old variety links (both are compatible with the site, so if you’ve linked to a variety page out in the interweb it will still work fine)

Hope you like the changes!