Friday, 28 September 2007

Now with Garden Journals!

This is probably the longest release thus far but it's definitely the most worthwhile!

We have garden journals! For those that like to journal more about the garden itself rather then the individual plants, well, your time has come! And you also get all the trimmings so your garden journal will appear on the Journals page as well as being able to receive comments from other gardeners. You also get limited HTML ability so you can make things bold and italic as well as link to other sites. To help with your new tools we've also created a Help + FAQ section which we'll be adding to over the coming weeks.

Whilst I was slaving over Garden Journals, Nic was cleverly enhancing the Garden Plants and Garden pages. Now feel free to add the botanical name of the plant in your garden (if you know it), or fill in the zone of your garden or even give it a name to remember it by (for those that have more than one garden type).

More info on how to use all the new features will be in the forum. Hope you enjoy!