Friday, 14 December 2007

3 Months Old!

Folia is now a whole 3 months of age! And hasn't it been a busy 12 weeks for us since we pressed the big red "make site go" button - in that short amount of time we've already managed to develop a whole heap of great functionality:

- Journalling for your plants, your gardens and your gardening adventures
- A Seed Stash area to keep track of "not planted yet"s
- Groups for you to talk about everything and anything gardening related
- Geographic locations of gardens, to see who else is just around your corner
...and heaps and heaps of little tiny improvements far to numerous to mention.

We have still got lots of ideas left to go (we have to keep rewriting our list on the wall just to fit them all on) so this is still just the start...a big thank you to all of our wonderful (and patient) beta testers who have provided us with fantastic feedback and positive comments - it's really motivated us to keep going and keep trying to make things better :)