Tuesday, 17 June 2008

New Stuff This Week!

A little late in announcing the changes this week due to our little trip to the Birmingham NEC, but better late than never:

So what's new this week?

RSS Feeds for Personal Gardening Journals
We have (finally!) rolled out the first of our gardener RSS feeds - so you can now follow the adventures of your favourite folians in the comfort of your very own feed reader. To find the RSS feed, look out for the orange RSS button in the top right hand corner of the gardener pages.

Retailer Pages
You'll now notice that your retailers are now in fully hyperlinked glory - you can now find out who else is growing plants from the same little nursery, garden centre or market stall that you bought it from. Check out Johnny's Seeds for a great example.

Improved Plant Classifier
We've added some tweaks here and there to improve the plant classifier - it should be even easier to find your plant now.

Groups Recommender
We've also added a little bit of magic to the groups pages to highlight groups that we think you might be interested in - check out the right side panel on the Groups home page for your own personal recommendations.

My Profiles on Other Sites
Over on your profile edit page, you'll now find some extra options to let folians know who you are on other sites.

..and the usual little surprises around the site that we'll leave you all to find!