Sunday, 15 February 2009

Performance enhancements, more stash options and personal journal search

This week at Folia HQ we've been mainly working on a heap of performance tuning to make sure we get through the busy springtime. There isn't many visible changes this week I'm afraid, but we did manage to sneak in a couple of little goodies:

More options to describe your stash

Om suggested a couple of other options for seed stash (Corms, Sets, Roots & Pods) that we've added to the system - you'll now find the new options on your Add Stash and Edit Stash pages.

New search box for your journal page

Supporters will find a shiny new journal search box on their journal home page. Woo! This one was suggested by a couple of people: nax , Merelymel13 and Armorel

Blistering fast Grapevine

Nath would also like to add that he has suped up the Grapevine to a blistering speed - so no more waiting around for your grapevine fix!

Hope you like, and remember if you have any suggestions for the site, we'd love you to add them to our Suggestions & Feedback group.