Saturday, 28 March 2009

New timeline icons, swaps home page & more!

Thought we might announce the latest round of changes to the site that we made this morning:

New Swaps home page

The swaps page has now finally been returned to the top menu as it’s had a bit of a makeover – you’ll find the latest swap map, lists of recent swaps that have occurred between folians, latest available plants and seeds for swap, and easier-to-get-at swap labels for your swapping pleasure. Swappalicious!

New timeline icons

You’ll also notice that your timelines are looking slightly different from today – we’ve done some work on refining some of the icons and added a couple of new ones – Sown and Showing True Leaves. We’re going to start adding some more over the coming weeks – so you can collect the whole set ;)

Garden page redesign

We’ve been doing an absolute ton of work in the back-end to get the gardens working faster and better-er. We’ve also given this page a bit of a redesign as well and kicked out a couple of annoying bugs in the process.
You’ll also now find that gardens now have “friendly urls” so that they look like this:

For Supporters, you’ll also find a new tab called “Tasks” on your garden page. I think you guys might be able to figure out what that’s all about :)

Local Activity tab

As a Supporter prezzie this week – we’ve rolled out a new tab on your activity page that shows you what gardeners in your local area are up to. You can filter by what is being sown, harvested, fruiting…you name it. If you want to consider becoming a Supporter – it helps us with paying for the costs of keeping folia up and running. To find out more take a look at your Become a Supporter! page

As usual, let us know what you think!