Saturday, 5 June 2010

Supporter Beta: The Folia Mobile App v0.1!

We’ve just released the very first version of the Folia mobile app (YaY!), and we need help to test and improve it. So, get your smartphones at the ready and point your Safari browsers at:

What do we currently have in version 0.1?

  • Planting Lists – see everything in your planted lists
  • Plant Wiki – search for plants and view the wiki (you can also add new plantings from here)
  • Add Milestone Events

The mobile app is currently in Supporter Beta – if you aren’t yet a Supporter, please consider becoming one as it helps us with hosting costs and allows us to make cool features like this one!

If you have an idea on how to make the mobile app better – let us know in the Suggestions & Feedback group.

If you’ve found a bug, or something isn’t working as you think it should – let us know in the Bugs & Issues group . If you could let us know what sort of device (iPhone, Android, iPad etc.) you are using, that would be great!