Friday, 18 January 2008

Journaling Goodies

Ah… Finally it’s ready! Took a little longer than I would have liked (and it’s still not quite finished) but it’s done! Journaling should now be a new experience on Folia with the new photo selector, tagging and weather!

We’ve done away with the carousel for the journals and gone with a simpler approach. Now you have more photos to choose from, better paging, new provider tabs, and you can now manage multiple photos all in the add/edit pages. Woohoo!

We also now have journal tags so feel free to tag up your articles with whatever you like! Be it recipes, projects and harvest! (Just to suggest a few) And since you can’t have tags without a tag cloud – expect one to start growing on the journal page so that you can find other journal articles tagged with the same stuff!

And finally – the weather! You can now add the weather to your journal articles. So you can let everyone get a feel for how cold it was when you were clearing out weeds or how hot it was when you were pruning back the hedge or that you even received snow!

So go on in and have a nosy around!