Friday, 25 January 2008

MyFolia is going into Public Beta from Monday!

We are currently working hard making the site ready for the public beta launch on Monday, 28th Jan (yay!). When we go into public beta, it will mean that the public at large will be now able to browse through the site, but they will not be able to contribute to anything on the site unless they join.

This doesn’t mean that we will stop developing the site – it will mean quite the opposite in fact. Keep posting your suggestions and feedback as usual :) For those of you that are logged in, you probably won’t notice any change to the site on the Monday – the only change will be that clicking the white “Home” link will take you to the MyFolia homepage, rather than your profile page.

We are really excited about getting to this stage with MyFolia – and we really want to see our little site grow into something unique and indispensable for gardeners everywhere. If you have a blog or know fellow gardeners that don’t yet know about MyFolia we would absolutely love it if you could spread the word. The more gardeners we have in our community, the better the site becomes for everyone!

On this topic, we would love to hear if you have any ideas for spreading the word – we have a couple of ideas up our sleeve, but we would love to get your thoughts (pity we are both computer geeks and not marketing gurus, hey?)